Staff of the 2016-17 Panther Marching Band
Joseph D. Lerch - Director of Bands /
Winds and Percussion Writer
Charles Hartung - Assistant Band Director
Olivia Sims - Guard
Caption Head
Steve Tarte -
Visual Caption Head /
Assistant Guard Designer
Chad Van de Wettering -
Ashley Schnyer -
Front Line Ensemble
Lori Ludewig -
Music and Visual
Mr. Lerch is in his 16th year at Collingswood High
School. This is his 3
0th year of teaching. Prior to
coming to Collingswood in 2003, he was formerly
the Band Director at Washington Twp. HS. He has
taught percussion at Paulsboro HS, Shalick HS,
and Deptford HS. He was the percussion caption
head for Southern Knights Drum Corps in 1993 and
1994, and First Defenders in 1995. He was named
the Collingswood High School Teacher of the Year
in 2009. Throughout his career, he has been
blessed to be a part of 4
5 championships in the
field of marching arts, many with Collingswood.
Mr. Hartung is in his 9th year as a staff
member of the Panther Marching Band.
He is a proud Collingswood graduate,
where he marched under Mr. Lerch. He
attended college at Westminster, and
following graduation became a full-time
teacher in the Collingswood school
district. He is currently the CMS Choir
Ms. Shreeves is in her 8th year on our
staff. She is a Collingswood grad,
performing with our guard in our first
two championship seasons. She is a
teacher in the Camden schools.
Mr. Tarte is in his 9th year on our staff.
He, too, is a Collingswood grad,
performing as a trombonist in the
marching program, and a percussionist
in the indoor program.  
4th year on staff.
Graduate of Eastern HS.
3rd year on staff.
Graduate of
Collingswood HS.
4th year on staff.
Band Director at Oaklyn.