A. Uniform procedures

1. You will be responsible for uniform care, maintenance, and cleaning.

2. If something needs to be fixed or adjusted on your uniform, notify a uniform supervisor or staff member.

3. The band uniform consists of: Black bibber pants, jacket, vestee, baldric, long black crew socks without colored
stripes (no ankle socks), black shoes (Dinkles), black gloves, Shako (hat), and modest underwear.

4. A plain black tee shirt should be worn under the jacket.

5. Shoes and gloves must be clean for each performance.

B. Band shoes

1. Band members traditionally wear black “Dinkles" with their uniforms, which can be purchased through the band

2. Students must place their full name inside each shoe for easy identification.

3. Make regular shoe-polishing/cleaning a habit.

4. Using white toothpaste or soft scrub may clean the shoes even better than by using polish.

5. Never clean or polish shoes while in uniform.

6. Using Armor-All prior to wearing can protect new shoes.

C. Band gloves

1. All musicians must wear black gloves (except percussion).

2. They MUST be kept clean.

3. Gloves may be purchased from the band director.

4. Additional pairs may be purchased from a formal wear shop.

5. Flutes and clarinets will have to cut the fingertips out of their gloves.

D. The band hat

1. The Shako is the traditional band hat, and carries with it a history that dictates how it should be treated.

2. The hat will be worn until directed otherwise.

3. When you are not wearing your Shako, it should be carried squarely in the left hand, with the index and middle
fingers and thumb clasped gently on the brim.

4. Never wear the uniform hat indoors

E. Hair / Jewelry

1. Always pinned up for the purpose of uniformity (guys included).

2. Should not touch your collar and your bangs should not be seen beneath the brim of the hat.

3. NEVER wear any jewelry, including watches and earrings, while in uniform (from the time you put it on until the time
you take it off). It is distracting to your audience and the visual judges by breaking uniformity of the ensemble. It is also
dangerous to the performer.

F. Out of uniform consequences

1.  A student in violation of any of the uniform procedures will not be permitted to perform, and/or will be considered
unexcused from the performance.

G. Procedures for before and after shows

1. Make sure that you have all parts of your uniform for each performance.

2. You may be asked to be in uniform prior to boarding the bus.

3. On some occasions, we will travel in street clothes to and from performances.

4. The bus will be used for changing, with female members using the bus first, followed by the male band members, or
by using two buses.

5. Place “street clothes” in either a locker or in an otherwise secure place in the band room.

6. You are to remain in full uniform unless otherwise directed by a staff member.

7. When removing uniform, always fold the pants along the crease to prevent wrinkling.

8. Store all parts of the uniform correctly.

9. Take gloves and shoes home to be washed and cleaned.