Indoor Calendar and Schedule

Our full calendar is online on our band website –

The calendar and schedule is a “living” document.  It is updated constantly as information becomes available and times
and locations may change.

Printing the full calendar here would be redundant, but below is a listing of some important rehearsal and performance

Once again, the calendar online is the “official” calendar, and should be referred to often.

    Rehearsals – every Monday and Wednesday evening from December to the first week of May, as per the online
    calendar. Rehearsals run from 6 until 9 PM.  Sectionals may be run beginning at 5 PM.

    Performances – the indoor groups performs on Saturdays and Sundays from January through May.  Please see
    the online calendar.

    Competitions – the indoor groups typically do one or two weekend competitions each week.

    Championships – the indoor groups will compete at the Tournament of Bands South Jersey Championships, and
    at All-Chapters in Wildwood.  These performances are MANDATORY for all members.

Please note:

All competitions and performances are a part of our regular schedule, as listed on the online calendar. As a member,
you are required to attend.  See attendance policy.

Last minute excuses will not be considered excused absences!

Unexcused absences may result in loss of membership in the program and the forfeit of awards.

Report times and return times for competition days will be announced the week of the event. These are determined by
performance times and award times. All return times will be best estimates.

In the spirit of wanting to give our best performances at each show, the indoor groups may have a rehearsal prior to
departure for a competition. All rehearsal policies will be in effect during these rehearsals. Plan your schedule

*Schedule is subject to change with adequate notice*