Statement - All members of the band are responsible for adhering to the code of conduct rules as outlined by
Collingswood High School. In addition, all students need to adhere to these following conduct guidelines:


1. Rehearsal etiquette and behavior as defined by the staff must be followed.
2. No swearing is permitted.
3. Chewing gum during a rehearsal is dangerous, and not permitted.
4. No open displays of affection.

B. UNIFORM CONDUCT - remember, when you are in uniform you not only represent yourselves but you also
represent Collingswood High School.

1. The “Rehearsal Guidelines” as listed above
2. Be careful when sitting in uniform.
3. No spitting.
4. No running. Uniforms are expensive and do rip.
5. No screaming.
6. Eating or drinking while in uniform is permitted only when approved by the band director.