A. General Attendance

1. All students are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance.

2. Illness, death in the family, and approved religious holidays will be considered excused absences.

3. Students and parents are reminded
not to schedule family engagements that will conflict with the schedule.

4. The director must approve all other conflicts before they will be considered excused.

5. Please note that parties, concerts, and sporting events will be considered unexcused absences.

B. Potential Absences

1. All potential absences for the entire MARCHING BAND SEASON (September through December) must be
verified on the website form by your parents no later than 12:00 PM on the first Friday of September.
INDOOR SEASON potential absences must be verified on the website form by your parents no later than 12:
00 PM on the first Friday of January.
This includes all excuses for standardized tests (i.e. SATs), religious holidays
and college visitations. This allows the staff to plan for you absence and to help the band adjust to the hole in the show.
Students will not be excused from any of the Championship performances.

C. Emergency Absences

1. All emergency absences must be verified with a parental note as soon as possible. Please use the website form to
log an emergency absence. Please include the specific reason as to why the student will be or has been absent. Please
do NOT email or phone these excuses. The website form allows us to easily verify and track absences.

2. If you miss a rehearsal during the week of a performance, whether excused or not, you may not perform that
weekend unless approved by Mr. Lerch. This is strictly for your safety and the safety of others.

D. In the event of an emergency absence

1. You or a parent should fill out the form on pantherband.net as soon as you know that you are going to miss, and
state why.

2. If the form can’t be filled out prior to missing, please do it as soon as possible.

3. After the absence, we will use the form to email or call a parent to verify the absence.

E. Unexcused absences

1. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in the student being suspended from the program's activities
until a parent/teacher conference is held.

2. Any further unexcused absences from any future performances will result in result in dismissal from the program.

3. The first unexcused absence from a
rehearsal will result in suspension from that weekend’s activities. You still must
attend those performances dressed in full uniform.

4. A second offense will result in another weekend suspension.

5. A third offense will result in dismissal from the program.

6. Students who work must provide their employer with a copy of the band schedule in order to avoid conflicts. Students
will not be excused from any performance to work.

7. In an emergency, students may be excused from only one rehearsal to accommodate a work conflict, provided Mr.
Lerch is aware of this in advance.

8. Students participating in other activities are still expected to attend performances.

9. Students are to be on the field or other assigned area ready to begin at 6:00 (or other assigned time).

10. Your attendance record will be reviewed when being considered for awards, promotions within the program, and
recommendations by the director, and scholarships.

11. Students not completing the rehearsal and performance requirements are not eligible for an award or booster