Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I'm already a CHS Student and I didn't join the Marching Band my first year.  Can I join now?

Absolutely!!  Each year we have new members from all six grades.  There is never a bad time to join the
Collingswood Panther Marching Band!!

Do you have to be in a band class to be in the Marching Band?

Yes, for musicians, unless it is academically impossible. No, for guard members.

Do you practice after school every day, or every night?

NO WAY!! The Marching Band does have weekly, 2-hour summer practices, but people still take summer vacations,
etc.  These rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM.

We have a mandatory band camp in August, and the week before school starts, rehearsals become very important.  
When school starts and you need more time for school work, we only practice TWO SCHOOL NIGHTS PER WEEK!  
These rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and run from 6 to 8:30 PM.  Students are dismissed around 8:45
these nights.

Are there auditions for the Collingswood Panther Marching Band?

No.  We take everyone that wants to be a part of the program!

Are there ways to support my child through your booster group?

The Collingswood Band Boosters, Inc. are our lifeline!  Without the dedicated volunteers who give us their time and
talent, our band would not be what it is today!

There are literally hundreds of ways to help. You can sew flags, build or transport equipment, chaperone a trip or
concert, bake something, donate supplies for camp, speak with your business about a donation or sponsorship,
usher guests at a band competition, etc. etc. etc. THE LIST IS ENDLESS!! It is through the work of our parents that
we safely and successfully get through each year.  

I’m worried about grades and Marching Band.  How do the current kids deal with the band and study schedule?

First, we only practice two school nights a week during the months of September and October.  Second, knowing the
schedule ahead of time allows students (with parental assistance) to plan their study time -- a valuable skill in high
school and beyond. Third, most students budget their time better in the fall. Statistically, most students’ grades are
better during the 1st marking period (marching band season) than the other 3.  Many of our members are in the top
10% of their classes in G.P.A.

The Marching Band offers a wonderful experience; does it cost me any money?

This coming season, each student will be responsible for fees for band camp, shoes and gloves, and the
Collingswood "student activity fee".  Guard members may have other expenses (tights, etc.) This may seem like a lot
of money; but considering the experience and benefits for their children, most families find it a bargain.   There are
fundraising opportunities and confidential assistance programs available to every student.


My child wants to switch to another instrument. Is that allowed?

We generally encourage students to work toward achievement on one instrument but switching is, in rare cases, the
right answer.  The best thing to do is to contact Mr. Lerch at the high school and discuss the options. If there is going
to be a switch, let’s get started soon!

Can my child participate in Marching Band and a SPORT or CLUB?

They can if you feel they can handle it.  All groups at Colls have strict attendance policies.  In the past it has been
our experience that a vast majority of students can handle an addition activity and Marching Band.  Clubs and sports
that meet after school and some "outside of school" activities are possible.  Again, the attendance policy for Band
Camp (August) and during the school year, is 100% accountability, so if you are concerned, contact Mr. Lerch.